Achieve Your Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Wish to give your bathroom a transformed look without spending a huge amount? You can upgrade your bathroom in style and modish décor by adopting some simple rules of renovation. Your bathroom tends to be the most intimate spaces of your life. With a boring outlook of your bathroom décor, you might invite a dull beginning of your day. If you wish to start afresh, then you must bring in some fresh vibes into your bathroom space by installing some exclusive bathroom accessories. Here are some budget-friendly tips for you to re-design your bathroom area:

maruthi waterfall_faucet.jpg

  • Install Order and Sorting with Baskets: The bathroom baskets are a great essential in the modern bathrooms. To top it all, they come in various designer options to accentuate the overall look of your bathroom area. The bathroom baskets also tend to be highly economical and provide great storage options to the bathroom space. You can make multiple uses of the bathroom baskets in the form of laundry baskets, toiletries, accessories, brushes, and several more small items. You can install a bathroom basket that comes with a lid on top to ensure hygiene reasons.


  • De-clutter and Accessorize the Countertops: An accessorized and organized bathroom countertop can infuse a spa-like vibe without many efforts. Moreover, this idea can also serve to be highly budget-friendly in designing your modern bathroom. You must begin by de-cluttering the countertop by getting rid of the soap cases, brushes, makeup items and several more. Keep it as neat and clean as possible. Instead of the unwanted and unattractive items, you can accessorize the countertops with the help of some scented candles, lights, artwork and much more.

SHOWER ENCLOSURES maruthi ceramics

  • Change the Bathroom Faucets: The bathroom faucets including the bathroom sink faucets, bathroom taps, tub faucet and several other bathroom accessories too play an important role in accentuating the overall bathroom décor. By changing them to a designer one can transform the entire look of your bathroom in an effective manner. You can go for the economical choice of the bathroom faucets and bathroom taps. There are several great options in the designing of the modern bathrooms including that of the steel, brass, copper and antique brass faucets. All of these create a classic and stylish bathroom décor in no matter of time.
  • Adorn the Washbasin with a Stylish Mirror: One of the best and the most affordable ways of enhancing the overall look of your bathroom is by crowning the washbasin area with an amazing and designer mirror. You can find several options of stylish and intricately designed mirror out there. You can try installing a classic wooden or designer metallic frame. There are also options of installing the mirrors that come with an amazing display of artwork on its periphery.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics 1

  • Introduce Some Natural Elements: The modern bathroom designs go for a natural touch with the installation of some potted plants and flowers. You can bring in some local fresh potted plants and fresh flowering pots that can infuse a fresh vibe in your bathroom. Moreover, this is a highly budget-friendly method of designing your bathroom in a stylish manner.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics

Wish to design your bathroom on a budget? Here are some top economical tips that can be made use of for accentuating the overall look of your bathroom. Go for it now!


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