Enlighten Your Bathroom with the Different Types of Shower Panels

Are you looking out to renovate your bathroom? The shower panels in the modern interiors have advanced to another level. With a myriad of options for designer shower panels and shower boards, you can enhance the overall décor of your bathroom. If you too are planning to install a stylish shower panel in your bathroom, then here are some top options of the same you can choose from:

  • Digital Shower: This is the latest and the most advanced version of the shower panels that can be installed with great style in your bathrooms. This serves as a great alternative to electric, mixer or power showers and infuses a sense of modern bathing. The digital showers come with full packs of technology and are eco-friendly at the same time. The digital showers can be customized as well as per the individual’s needs and requirements. They offer a high aesthetic appeal and offer great space-saving features.

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  • Electric Shower: This is another great option for the modern shower boards. The best feature of this shower is that the users can get hot water on demand. In addition to the feature of offering hot water at an instant, another great advantage offered by the electric shower is that they are not affected by any problem with the boiler. Therefore, if the central heating system goes down, you can still enjoy the luxury of hot water with the help of the electric showers.

SHOWER ENCLOSURES maruthi ceramics

  • Mixer Shower: This is another modern unit of the shower panel that is used in the bathrooms nowadays. The mixer shower is used for mixing hot and cold water together to impart a perfect bathing experience. The mixing of the water usually occurs in the valve area of the shower panels. Here, the temperature is regulated and allows for a great saving of the water in the bathroom area. The mixer showers offer a contemporary shower solution and come with a vast range of design options. The best feature is that these can be easily installed into any bathroom area or shower boards.

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  • Power Shower: If you have had an experience of the spa or a luxury hotel bathroom, then you must know what it feels like to be under a power shower. The power showers are the luxury shower panels that offer great relaxation and rejuvenation after a bathing session underneath it. The pounding water on your skin stimulates better blood circulation to each part of your body. As such, the power shower panels also serve a great purpose for regulating the proper health of an individual. The great news is that the power showers can now be installed in home bathrooms as well that have low pressure. The shower system nowadays comes with a pump that boosts even the low water flow.


The power showers can are considered to be a great option to those who look out for ultimate relaxation after a long hectic day. They serve the best purpose of a massage bath as they tend to invigorate the stressed out muscles as you soak up in the relaxing waters.

With such a wide range of exciting shower panels in the recent times, you can choose the best design as per your bathroom design and requirements.


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