Top Bathroom Renovating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you considering a bathroom renovation? The expectations of a modern humble & stylish bathroom have become highly inflated. The bathrooms are not simply regarded to be the areas for bathing and maintaining hygiene. They have evolved to serve as independent spa rooms where one gets to unwind oneself and spend most personal times amidst some lavish displays of designer sanitary ware. If you wish to have a rejuvenating experience in your bathroom, then your bathroom might be giving a shoutout of some renovation.

Renovation is the essence of life. When you are planning to revamp the bathroom setup of your house including its sanitary wares, then you can consider avoiding the following mistakes to have a hassle-free experience:

  • Overspending: We understand that you want the best for your renovated bathroom. However, you must realize the fact that what starts as a minor investment could morph into huge expenses. You must try to avoid the overcapitalization with the total cost of renovation leading below 1.5% of the total value of the area. Here are some simple tips to avoid overspending on bathroom renovation:
  1. Go for the standard version of fittings and fixtures to avoid the cost of customization.
  2. Purchase all the sanitary ware, tiles, cabinets and accessories in advance. You can watch out for auction and sales to purchase them at economical rates.
  3. If the overall configuration remains the same, then try saving up on the plumbing itineraries.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics 1

  • Poor Ventilation: Bathrooms are the spaces in the house that need proper ventilation to ensure the correct flow of air in and out. It would be highly horrifying and disgusting at the same time to observe tiny black specks of mould and fungus accumulating on your bathroom tiles due to lack of proper ventilation. Even if there are good windows, you would still need an exhaust fan in the bathroom to move out all the humidity from the atmosphere. If there is no access to proper ventilation whatsoever, you can try painting the bathroom walls with mould-resistant or oil-based bathroom paint to lessen the risk of mould accumulation.


  • Overcrowding the Space: The bathroom spaces are supposed to be open, hygienic and clean areas. If you would squeeze in the sanitary ware along with storage cabinets and other bathroom accessories in your small bathroom area, then this would make it appear highly uncomfortable. You must try to maximize the available space by making the room appear as much less clustered as possible. You can go for the installation of wall-hangings or wall-mounted cabinets to stock various small items.

Shower panels maruthi ceramics1

  • Poor Lighting: Proper lighting is another vital factor that could enhance the overall décor of your bathroom. If you are going for a bathroom renovation, then you must consider this fact and should install proper lighting in the form of chandeliers and pendants to accentuate the overall look. Good lighting is also vital for doing a plethora of essential activities like shaving, waxing, hair styling or doing makeup. Therefore, you must make a setup where there is ample supply of both natural as well as artificial lighting.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics

If you are going for a bathroom renovation, then you must consider certain mistakes that are quite common to make. You can learn about these in advance with respect to sanitary ware or other accessories and then go for designing a perfect bathroom.


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