Know About the Different Types of Designer Shower Panels

After a long day’s work, all that one looks for is a rejuvenating experience once home. A perfect bathing session could be the best way to unwind yourself to eliminate all the worries of the day. Your bathing experience all the more fun and rejuvenating by the installation of the right shower panel in your bathroom. There could be nothing as relaxing as standing under the gentle flow of cool water from a shower. If you are designing your bathroom, then you can consider installing some of the designer options of shower panels for the spa feel. Here are a few options:


  • Concealed Showers: This is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing shower panel that could accentuate the overall look of your bathroom. The concealed shower panels are a great option if you are looking to install something designer in your bathroom. As the name implies, the concealed shower panels are not completely visible. You can just spot the shower outlets through which the water flow comes.

The concealed shower panels are a great option to save a lot of space in your bathroom. These type of shower boards can be mounted on the ceiling of the bathrooms which thereby, provide a great coverage underneath. There are variations of the water flow as well including rain, mist, waterfall and revolve. You can choose as you like it to have a rejuvenating experience.


  • Exposed Rain Showers: There is no denying the fact that rains offer a great relaxing feeling to one’s mind and body. If you wish to have a rain-like experience every day, then you can install the exposed rain shower panels in your bathroom. There are different variants of rain showers as well. The famous variant combines air and water to produce the most natural feel of rain on your body. You can have an ultimate refreshing feeling once you have installed the rain shower panels in your bathroom.


  • Body Showers: Would you like to feel the experience of walking into the shower as water gets sprayed to each part of your body from different directions? This is exactly what the body shower panels have to offer to you. The body shower boards are designed to spray water on the body to create a relaxing effect. The showers come with different variations of water flow including the normal, massage, and even mist. You can choose the water flow as per your body requirement to have a completely lifting experience.
  • Waterfall Showers: If you desire to bathe under the waterfall waters each day, then you can install the waterfall shower panels in your bathroom. You can get the feel of standing under a waterfall in your bathroom itself. As the heavy gushes of water would come flowing down on your body from the waterfall showers, you would not like to leave the bathroom. It would be a bathing experience you would love to have again and again.
  • Basic ABS Showers: If you are looking for a simple design of shower panel, yet offering effectiveness, then you can install the basic ABS shower panels in your bathroom. Since, ABS is a plastic material, it tends to be highly pocket-friendly.


Looking out for the best options for shower panels or shower boards? Have a read about some of the most popular options.


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