Tips on Making Your Bathroom Faucets Spotlessly Clean

A freshly cleaned and spotless bathroom faucet can be all your bathroom décor needs for some appreciation. However, it is important to realize that the bathroom faucets do not remain clean for longer unless they are given proper regular care. The major problem with maintaining the bathroom faucets including the bathroom sink faucets, tub faucets, bathroom taps and several other bathroom accessories is that they tend to accumulate water spotting too easily. This might create a bad impression of the overall appearance of your bathroom.

If you wish to achieve the spotlessly clean look for your bathroom, then here are some pro tips to maintain the bathroom faucets with much ease. Have a read:

  • Know About the Finish of the Faucet: The bathroom decorating trend has changed considerably over a period of time. Gone are the days when people used to install only the steel or metal sink faucet, bathroom taps and other bathroom accessories in their bathrooms. With the modernized décor of the bathrooms, there is a myriad of finish options available for the bathroom faucets. From copper, bronze, glass, steel, and several more exciting options, the maintenance requirement of the faucet would greatly depend on the finish of the bathroom faucets. Therefore, you must analyze the same to get an idea about the best cleaning agents to clean the same.


  • Try a Mixture of Dry Soap and Warm Water: In case there is the accumulation of tough stains or water spots on the bathroom faucets, then you can try by cleaning them off with the help of dry soap and warm water. Make a mixture of the same and take a soft cleaning cloth of get rid of those stubborn stains and spots. You would simply need to rub the sink fixture with the dish soap and then dry out the same with an unused dry cloth to give the glossy appearance.
  • Use White Vinegar to Remove Grime: If your sink faucets have accumulated grime that would not budge, then you can consider using white vinegar to remove the same. Try adding half a cup of white vinegar to another half cup of hot water. Then you can dip a cleaning cloth to get rid of the tough grime accumulation on your bathroom faucets. It is recommended to try a small portion of the bathroom fixture with this solution to ensure that you do not damage the finish of the fixture.
  • Baking Soda and Toothbrush for Ultimate Solution: Baking soda is a magical powder that finds its applications in various domains of life. This kitchen ingredient can also help you in removing the tough stains and grime on the bathroom accessories. You would just need to rub some portion of the baking soda with the help of a dampened toothbrush over the affected area. This would act as a natural scrubber and would remove all the nasty stains from the bathroom faucets.

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  • Do Periodic Cleaning: If you do not wish to sweat it out on a single day into removing the stains from the bathroom fixtures, then you can save yourself the time and energy by doing a regular periodic cleaning of the bathroom accessories. You can set out a day of the week to clean all the bathroom fixtures properly.

Try out these simple tips to make your bathroom appear spotlessly clean.


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