Top Tips for Designing Your Kids’ Bathroom They Will Love

Are you designing your kids’ bathroom? Finding the perfect bathroom theme and accessories for your kids’ bathroom can be fun, but it is equally important to emphasize on a variety of considerations. From the selection of sanitary ware to fun decorative items, the kids’ bathroom need a touch of fun & comfort. It might be very easy to go overboard while designing their bathroom. However, the “excess” factor doesn’t work for the kids.

If you wish that your kids get motivated to go to the bathroom for brushing and taking regular baths, then it is high time to design their bathroom perfectly. Maruthi Ceramics offers the best collection of sanitary ware in Bangalore that are best suited for the kids. Here are some designing tips:


  • Keep a Single Theme: If you wish to create the feel of a fun and exciting bathroom for kids, it is advisable to stick to one theme and then stick to the same. For creating a unified & pleasing look, you can try focusing on the kids’ favorite movies, books, characters, or some areas of special interest. The chosen theme can be utilized throughout the bathroom including the customized sanitary products to keep the level high. However, you should avoid over-doing it to maintain an overall balance.
  • Select Easy-Care Surfaces: Functionality is the topmost factor to be considered while designing the bathroom for your kids. You must go for selecting the materials & surfaces of the faucets, sanitary, and other bathroom accessories that tend to be sturdy and can be easily cleaned & maintained. Even the tile selection should be such that it does not cause any accidental harm to your child. The materials that are easily cleanable with a single swipe of sponge or cloth are the most recommended for your kid’s bathroom space. This is because when you are dealing with kids, you cannot expect top-notch cleanliness everywhere.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics 1

  • Select a Fun Shower Curtain: This could be the most interesting part of your kid’s bathroom decoration. In fact, kids will love the idea of a fun bathroom shower curtain that personifies their favorite character or animation. Try to make the curtain as fun and colorful as possible. The splashes of enticing colors like aqua blue, sea green, pink, yellow, and so more are all set to make your kid’s bathing mood right.
  • Go for Easy-to-Handle Sanitary: For your little ones, special care needs to be taken while selecting the sanitary wares for their bathroom. You must take care of no-pinch or no-pointed cabinet drawers, doors, sanitary and so more as the little souls love to drop their hands into the wrong places. As a result, you need to be extra cautious. Maruthi Ceramics offers a wide range of kid-friendly Hindware Sanitary that can be installed in the bathroom of your children for utmost satisfaction.

sanitary ware maruthi ceramics

Select the best design and décor items for your kids’ bathroom to make it highly functional and fun!


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